Welcome to Henoya Hair Label's Raw Hair Wholesale System, where quality meets convenience. Our system now features three tiers, each designed to cater to the unique needs of retailers at every stage.

Tier I Subscription:
Ideal for startups, Tier I offers two bundles each from 18in to 30in in our authentic raw Indian wavy hair, ensuring you have a diversified stock. Full processing within 7-14 days guarantees accurate inventory management.

Benefits include:
- Option for texture replacement with curly 22"-28" or blonde wavy and deep wavy 20"-24".

- Access to T'Aja's marketing strategies and a free 12" sample weft.
- Custom hair tag template and six optional 1:1 sessions for brand campaign planning.

Tier II Subscription:
Tailored for growing businesses, Tier II expands your offerings with mixed length bundles ranging from 16in to 36in, providing versatility to cater to diverse customer preferences. Full processing takes 7-15 days. This tier includes everything in Tier I, plus:

- Mixed length bundles for a varied inventory selection.
- Lifetime access to supplier updates and unlimited month-by-month guidance.
- Free strategic marketing services, access to a brand strategist/graphic designer, and Canva templates.

Tier III Subscription:
The ultimate package for seasoned retailers, Tier III covers extensive lengths from 18in to 36in in both wavy and curly textures. Expect full processing within 7-15 days. Alongside Tier II benefits, Tier III adds:

- Exclusive access to single bundles in every texture and length we offer.
- Enhanced support for both beginner and advanced raw hair retailers.
- Subscription flexibility, with the option to cancel at any time.

All tiers provide crucial marketing support, including strategic services and access to a personal brand strategist/graphic designer, ensuring you're well-equipped to market your high-quality Indian hair products. Plus, enjoy lifetime updates and step-by-step guidance to stay ahead in the dynamic hair market.